Greek mythological figures: Notable women


1.0 Alcestis (Greek: Άλκηστις) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) daughter of Pelias and wife of Admetus, who was known for her devotion to her husband

2.0 Amymone, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the one daughter of Danaus who refused to murder her husband, thus escaping her sisters’ punishment

3.0 Andromache (Greek: Ανδρομάχη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) wife of Hector

4.0 Andromeda (Greek: Ανδρομέδα) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) wife of Perseus, who was placed among the constellations after her death

5.0 Antigone (Greek: Αντιγόνη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta

6.0 Arachne (Greek: Αράχνη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a skilled weaver, transformed by Athena into a spider for her blasphemy

7.0 Ariadne (Greek: Αριάδνη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) daughter of Minos, king of Crete, who aided Theseus in overcoming the Minotaur and became the wife of Dionysus

8.0 Atalanta (Greek: Αταλάντη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) fleet-footed heroine who participated in the Calydonian Boar hunt

9.0 Briseis, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a princess of Lyrnessus, taken by Achilles as a war prize

10.0 Caeneus, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) formerly Caenis, a woman who was transformed into a man and became a mighty warrior

11.0 Cassandra, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a princess of Troy cursed to see the future but never to be believed

12.0 Cassiopeia (Greek: Κασσιόπεια) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) queen of Æthiopia and mother of Andromeda

13.0 Clytemnestra, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) sister of Helen and unfaithful wife of Agamemnon

14.0 Danaë, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the mother of Perseus by Zeus

15.0 Deianeira,(Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the third wife and unwitting killer of Heracles

16.0 Electra, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, she aided her brother Orestes in plotting revenge against their mother for the murder of their father

17.0 Europa, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a Phoenician woman, abducted by Zeus

18.0 Hecuba (Greek: Ἑκάβη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) wife of Priam, king of Troy, and mother of nineteen of his children

19.0 Helen, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) daughter of Zeus and Leda, whose abduction brought about the Trojan War

20.0 Hermione (Greek: Ἑρμιόνη) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) daughter of Menelaus and Helen; wife of Neoptolemus, and later Orestes

21.0 Iphigenia, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra; Agamemnon sacrificed her to Artemis in order to appease the goddess

22.0 Ismene, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) sister of Antigone

23.0 Jocasta, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) mother and wife of Oedipus

24.0 Medea, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a sorceress and wife of Jason, who killed her own children to punish Jason for his infidelity

25.0 Medusa, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a mortal woman transformed into a hideous gorgon by Athena

26.0 Niobe, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a daughter of Tantalus who declared herself to be superior to Leto, causing Artemis and Apollo to kill her fourteen children

27.0 Pandora, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the first woman

28.0 Penelope, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) loyal wife of Odysseus

29.0 Phaedra, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) daughter of Minos and wife of Theseus

30.0 Polyxena, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the youngest daughter of Priam, sacrificed to the ghost of Achilles

31.0 Semele, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) mortal mother of Dionysus

32.0 Thrace, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the daughter of Oceanus and Parthenope, and sister of Europa



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