Greek mythological figures: Inmates of Tartarus

List of Inmates of Tartarus

1.0 DANAIDES: (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) (The) forty-nine daughters of Danaus who murdered their husbands and were condemned to an eternity of carrying water in leaky jugs

2.0 IXION: (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a king of the Lapiths who attempted to rape Hera and was bound to a flaming wheel in Tartarus

3.0 SISYPHUS: (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a king of Thessaly who attempted to cheat death and was sentenced to an eternity of rolling a boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down

4.0 TANTALUS: (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a king of Anatolia who butchered his son Pelops and served him as a meal to the gods; he was punished with the torment of starvation, food and drink eternally dangling just out of reach



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