Greek mythological figures: Heroes

List of Heroes

1.0 Abderus, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) aided Heracles during his eighth labour and was killed by the Mares of Diomedes

2.0 Achilles (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) (Αχιλλεύς or Αχιλλέας), hero of the Trojan War and a central character in Homer‘s Iliad

3.0 Aeneas (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) (Αινείας), a hero of the Trojan War and progenitor of the Roman people

4.0 Ajax the Great (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) (Αίας ο Μέγας), a hero of the Trojan War and king of Salamis

5.0 Ajax the Lesser (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) (Αίας ο Μικρός), a hero of the Trojan War and leader of the Locrian army

6.0 Amphitryon (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) (Αμφιτρύων), Theban general who rescued Thebes from the Teumessian fox; his wife was Alcmene, mother of Heracles

7.0 Antilochus (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) (Ἀντίλοχος), Son of Nestor sacrificed himself to save his father in the Trojan War along with other deeds of valor

8.0 Bellerophon, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) hero who slew the Chimera

9.0 Castor, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the mortal Dioscuri twin; after Castor’s death, his immortal brother Pollux shared his divinity with him in order that they might remain together

10.0 Chrysippus, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a divine hero of Elis

11.0 Daedalus, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) creator of the labyrinth and great inventor, until King Minos trapped him in his own creation.

12.0 Diomedes, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a king of Argos and hero of the Trojan War

13.0 Eleusis, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) eponymous hero of the town of Eleusis

14.0 Eunostus, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a Boeotian hero

15.0 Ganymede, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) Trojan hero and lover of Zeus, who was given immortality and appointed cup-bearer to the gods

16.0 Hector, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) hero of the Trojan War and champion of the Trojan people

17.0 Icarus, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the son of the master craftsman Daedalus

18.0 Iolaus, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) nephew of Heracles who aided his uncle in one of his Labors

19.0 Jason, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) leader of the Argonauts

20.0 Meleager, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a hero who sailed with the Argonauts and killed the Calydonian Boar

21.0 Odysseus, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a hero and king of Ithaca whose adventures are the subject of Homer’s Odyssey; he also played a key role during the Trojan War

22.0 Orpheus, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) a legendary musician and poet who attempted to retrieve his dead wife from the Underworld

23.0 Pandion, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) the eponymous hero of the Attic tribe Pandionis, usually assumed to be one of the legendary Athenian kings Pandion I or Pandion II.

24.0 Perseus (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) (Περσεύς), son of Zeus and the founder-king of Mycenae and slayer of the Gorgon Medusa

25.0 Theseus, (Greek: xxxx) (Latin: xxxx) (Translation: xxxx ) son of Poseidon and a king of Athens and slayer of the Minotaur


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