Symbology: Trumpets and bowls


Note the similarity between the trumpets, bowls and the ten Egyptian plagues


  1. Exo 7:17-18 the water of the Nile, and it will be changed into blood.
  2. Exo 8:2. Plague of frogs.
  3. Exo 8:16 Plague of gnats.
  4. Exo 8:21 Swarm of flies.
  5. Exo 9:3 Plague on livestock.
  6. Exo 9:9 Festering boils on men and animals.
  7. Exo 9:17-18 Plague of hail.
  8. Exo 10:4-5 Plague of locusts.
  9. Exo 10:21-22 Three days of darkness.
  10. Exo 11:4-5 Firstborn will die.


FIRST hail fire mixed with blood hurled to earth, third of the earth, trees and green grass burned up. Ugly and painful sores on those who had the mark of the beast and worship his image
SECOND third of sea turned to blood, third of living creatures in sea died, third of ships destroyed. Sea turned to blood, everything in the sea died
THIRD Third of waters turned bitter, many people died Rivers and springs became blood
FOURTH A third of the day and night was without light Sun scorches people with fire
FIFTH Locusts out of the Abyss torture mankind for five months Kingdom plunged into darkness, men gnawed their tongues in agony
SIXTH Third of mankind killed by fire, smoke and sulphur i.e. war 2 Three evil spirits (frogs) gather kings of the earth for battle on the great day of God Almighty.
SEVENTH End of the age, time of the judgement, lightening, thunder, earthquake, hailstorm. The end of the age, flashes of lightening, thunder, a great earthquake and plague of hail

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