Jihad vs Crusades “The Truth not the Fiction of Islam apologists”

Bill Warner, PhD:


Islamic: Jihad Battles number 584

Between: (620AD – 1920AD) 1300 years of Violence and Killing to extend Islam and enslave the Kafer in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Minor and Eastern Block

Reason: to enslave the Kafer and enforce Islamic Rule

Christian: Crusades Battles number 16 (in 9 Crusades)

Between: (1080AD – 1260AD) 180 years of push Islam back and freen Christians in the Middle East

Reason: to free “Christians from the Oppression of Islam”

Watch the Short Video above; and discover the Truth Jihadists vs. Crusaders


584 Battles of Islam: click image to enlarge

16 battles of Crusaders: click image to enlarge

Battle list


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