MAPS: Mesopotamia Egypt 3500BC – 2500BC

Egypt 3500BC – 2500BC


Within the long, narrow valley of the river Nile, powerful chiefdoms fought and conquered each other in the centuries leading up to[1] 3000 BC, until one emerged to cover the entire land. Thus was founded the “Old Kingdom” of Ancient Egypt.

The kingdom is governed by a ruling class of officials and priests. This group directs the lives of the people in the name of the pharaohs, god-kings who rule from their capital, Memphis.

Even by this early date the Egyptians have developed one of the great civilizations of the ancient world.[2] The Pyramids of Giza, some of the most famous structures in all human history, have already been built, and sculptors are producing statues which will set the standard for Ancient Egyptian art for centuries to come.


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