World History resources on Ancient Israel

World History resources on Ancient Israel

Ancient Israel was just a small nation in its day, but it has left a greater mark on the modern world than virtually any other.

Section 1: Maps and articles on Ancient Israel


1. Ancient Israel’s history can be tracked on the maps of Syria:

Syria 2500 BC / Syria 1500 BC / Syria 1000 BC / Syria 500 BC / Syria 200 BC / Syria 30 BC / Syria 200 ADSyria 500 AD

2. Maps of the ancient Middle East, which give the broader context within which ancient Israel’s history (and before it, that of the Canaanites) took place:

Middle East 2500 BC / Middle East 1500 BC / Middle East 1000 BC / Middle East 500 BC / Middle East 200 BC / Middle East 30 BC / Middle East 200 AD / Middle East 500 AD

3. Maps of the World during the period when ancient Israel civilization flourished, and showing what else was happening in the world:

The World 3500 BC / The World 2500 BCThe World 1500 BC / The World 1000 BC / The World 500 BC /The World 200 BC / The World 30 BC / The World 200 AD / The World 500 AD

MAPS: History of World 3500BC to 2005AD ** EDIT


• Is the name Palestine an accurate name for Israel? No, it is not. is is Israel & Judah

• History of ancient Israel and Judah

• The History of Ancient Palestine – an in-depth survey of the history of Palestine. This focuses particularly on the history of ancient Israel, but also covers the other peoples of the region.

• The History of the Ancient Middle East – placing the history of Israel and Palestine in a regional context.

• Ancient Israelite civilization – a brief outline with sections on government, society, religion, art and culture, and science and technology.

• Planned resources: articles and maps on Judaism, the Diaspora, Christianity

Section 2: Maps and articles with relevance to Ancient Palestine


References to ancient Palestine can be found in:

• The History of Ancient Egypt – here, here and here

• The History of Syria – multiple references

• And whatever happened to Palestine (and Syria) between ancient times and the present?

• Follow its history through maps, starting with Syria 500 AD.

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