MAPS: 1648AD – 1789AD Middle East

Middle East 1648AD – 1789AD


Over the past century,[1] the military garrisons in Syria,[2] Egypt[3] and Iraq,[4] which theoretically answer to the Ottoman sultans in Constantinople, have come to dominate their respective provinces and now govern them as virtually independent states. The Ottoman empire’s hold on the region is more apparent than real outside Asia Minor.[5]

Luckily for the Ottomans, Iran[6] has experienced even greater weakness. The Safavid dynasty has fallen from power, and successor regimes have become increasingly unstable. Through all this, the leadership of the Shi’ite branch of Islam has been strengthening its hold on the country.

In Arabia,[7] today’s Gulf emirates are being established, and the first Saudi kingdom has appeared.

By this date, Western economic interests are being felt in the region. These will only get stronger.


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