MAPS: 1837AD – 1871AD Middle East

Middle East 1837AD – 1871AD


The past decades[1] have seen the lands of the Ottoman empire experience renewed centralized rule, with the provincial elites in Syria[2] and Iraq[3] being brought firmly back under the authority of the sultan’s government. Egypt[4] is by now an independent kingdom.

In Iran,[5] weak government and social stagnation continue; while remaining politically independent, the country is coming increasingly under the economic control of Britain. In fact, European (especially British and French) influence is growing throughout the region. The opening of the Suez canal has turned the Middle East into a vital strategic interest for Western powers. The canal is a main thoroughfare for Western trade, as well as an important link in the military chains tying the European powers to their overseas empires in East Africa,[6] India,[7] SE Asia[8] and the Pacific.[9]


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