MAPS: 1789AD – 1837AD Middle East

Middle East 1789AD – 1837AD


In the last years of the 18th century[1] and the early years of 19th, the decline in the Ottoman empire power became all too apparent. Egypt[2] and Syria[3] came under a breakaway regime, and Iraq[4] was governed as a virtually independent state. Now, however, there are signs of a revival. Iraq first, and now, Syria, are being brought back under the firm control of the Ottomans. Egypt, however, has been lost to the Ottomans. It is treated by Western powers as an independent state.

Iran[5] continues to experience weakness and instability.

The small Arab[6] emirates on the Gulf coast are beginning to feel the power of the British navy. In Arabia, the first Saudi kingdom was crushed, and a second one has now appeared.


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