MAPS: 0200BC – 0030BC Middle East

Middle East 200BC – 30BC

middleeastad1 (1)

Over the past two centuries[1] the Middle East has been divided[2] between two major powers, Rome to the west, which now controls Asia Minor,[3] Syria and Judaea,[4] and Egypt[5]; and Parthia to the east, which rules Mesopotamia[6] and Iran.[7] This political division will characterize the history of the region for several centuries.

The social and cultural division is not so sharp, however. Greek civilization has left its mark on Mesopotamia and other parts of the Middle Eastern world, as a powerful ingredient in a mix containing more ancient cultures. Greek-style (or “Hellenistic”) cities thrive under both the Romans and the Parthians, and in both empires art and architecture continue to be deeply effected by Greek influences.


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