MAPS: 0030BC – 0200AD Middle East

Middle East 30BC – 200AD


For the past two hundred years[1] the Middle East continues to be divided[2] between the hostile empires of Rome and Parthia, with Asia Minor,[3] Syria and Judaea,[4] and Egypt[5] under the firm rule of the Roman empire, and Mesopotamia[6] and Iran[7] under the Parthians. The kingdom of Armenia acts as a buffer between the two, regularly fought over. The Roman empire normally has the better of the fighting, and has launched two major invasions which have penetrated deep into the heartland of the Parthian empire.

One small part of the Middle East, Judaea, has seen the birth of one of the major religions of world history, Christianity.[8] Later, however, two great rebellions there were crushed by the Romans, and the Jewish people were dispersed from their ancient homeland.


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