Map: Syria in c. AD 200

Syria 30BC – 200AD


For the past two centuries,[1] the inhabitants of Syria have experienced peace and prosperity under Roman rule. Magnificent cities, run by highly civilized Greek-speaking elites, stud the region.

In the south the Jews remained unreconciled to Roman rule. A great Jewish revolt, lasting from AD 66 to AD 70, ended in the sack of Jerusalem, and a second revolt in 133, after being harshly repressed by the Romans, resulted in the expulsion of Jews from central Judaea. Jerusalem was eventually rebuilt as a Roman colony.

By this time, the new religion of Christianity had appeared in Judaea, founded by an (apparently) ordinary Jew, Jesus of Nazareth (lived c. 6 BC to c. AD 31). It was soon spreading far and wide in the Roman and Parthian[2] empires.

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