ME: Rise of Islam 7th CE

Timeline of Middle Eastern history.

Timeline of Islamic history: 6th | 7th | 8th | 9th | 10th | 11th | 12th | 13th | 14th | 15th | 16th | 17th | 18th | 19th | 20th | 21st century
1st millennium CE
Seventh century (601 – 700) [622-700 (1 – 81AH)]
605     Birth of Fatimah the daughter of Muhammad. She was the wife of Ali ibn Abu Talib and all of Muhammad’s descendants are through her.
    Muhammad helps rebuild the Ka’ba
610   ANGELIC REVELATION: He is given his first revelation from the Angel Gabriel in the cave.
  SACRED TEXT: The first announced revelation of the Qur’an in the cave at Hira. 3 kilometres (2 mi) from Mecca
  CONVERTS: Khadija is the first to believe Islam.
613   PROCLAMATIONS: Declaration at Mount Safa inviting the general public to Islam.
614   PERSECUTION: Persecution of the Muslims by the Quraish
  MIGRATION: Migration NO.1: to Abyssinia
615   CONVERTS: Acceptance of Islam by Umar and Hamza
616   MIGRATION: Migration NO.2: to Abyssinia
617   BOYCOTT: Boycott of the Hashemites and Muhammad by the Quraish.
619     Lifting of the boycott.
    Deaths of Abu Talib.
    Deaths of Khadija
    Year of Sorrow
620     Night Journey: Ascension to the heavens
622   MIGRATION: Hijra—migration to Medina.
  REPUBLIC: Constitution of Medina, establishment of the first Islamic state
624   BATTLE: Battle of Badr, expulsion of the Bani Qainuqa Jews from Medina
625   BATTLE: Battle of Uhud.
  ANTI-SEMITISM:  Flag_of_Israel.svg Expulsion of Banu Nadir Jews from Medina.
    Birth of Hasan ibn Ali, son of Ali and Fatimah and 2nd Shia imams.
626     Birth of Husayn ibn Ali, son of Ali and Fatimah and 3rd Shia imams.
  SIEGE: Siege of Constantinople
627   BATTLE: Battle of the Trench. Invasion of Banu Qurayza.
628   TREATY: Treaty of Hudaybiyyah.
  BATTLE: Battle of Khaybar.
    Muhammad sends letters to various heads of states.
629   PILGRIMAGE: Muhammad to Mecca.
  BATTLE: Battle of Mu’ta.
1050 WAR: Arab–Byzantine wars
630   CONQUEST: Conquest of Mecca
631   EXPEDITION: Expedition to Tabouk, Ghassanids.
631/32   CONVERTS: Tribe of Thaqif adopts Islam.
632   PILGRIMAGE: Farewell pilgrimage at Mecca.
    DEATH OF MUHAMMAD. (aged 62yrs) 570-632 AD
    Death of Fatimah, Muhammad’s daughter.
    Abu Bakr is chosen by consensus of the majority of the prophet’s companions as caliph.
  BATTLE: Battles of Zu Qissa.
  BATTLE: Battles of Zu Abraq.
  BATTLE: Battle of Buzakha.
  BATTLE: Battle of Zafar.
  BATTLE: Battle of Naqra.
  CAMPAIGNS: Campaigns against Bani Tamim.
  CAMPAIGNS: Campaigns against  Mosailima.
661   Rashidun Caliphate
633   CAMPAIGNS: Campaigns in Bahrain
  CAMPAIGN: Campaigns in Oman
  CAMPAIGN: Campaigns in Yemen
  CAMPAIGN: Campaigns in Hadramaut
  RAIDS: Raids in Iraq
  BATTLE: Battle of Kazima
  BATTLE: Battle of Mazar
  BATTLE: Battle of Walaja
  BATTLE: Battle of Ullais
  BATTLE: Battle of Hira
  BATTLE: Battle of Al-Anbar
  BATTLE: Battle of Ayn al-Tamr
  BATTLE: Battle of Dawmat al-Jandal
  BATTLE: Battle of Firaz
651 CONQUEST: Conquest Muslim conquest of Persia
634   BATTLE: Battle of Bosra
  BATTLE: Battle of Damascus
  BATTLE: Battle of Ajnadin
    Death of Abu Bakr
    Umar ibn al-Khattab assumes power as the second caliph
  BATTLE: Battle of Namaraq
  BATTLE: Battle of Saqatia
641 CONQUEST: Conquest Muslim conquest of the Levant (Syria)
635   BATTLE: Battle of Bridge
  BATTLE: Battle of Buwaib
  CONQUEST: Conquest of Damascus
  BATTLE: Battle of Fahl
636   BATTLE: Battle of Yarmuk
  BATTLE: Battle of al-Qādisiyyah
  CONQUEST: Conquest of Madain
637   CONQUEST: Conquest of Syria
  CONQUEST: JERUSALEM: Flag_of_Israel.svg  Conquest of Jerusalem
  BATTLE: Battle of Jalula
638   CONQUEST: Conquest of Jazirah
639   CONQUEST: Conquest of Khuzistan
  ADVANCE: Advance into Egypt
  BATTLE: Plague of Emmaus
642 CONQUEST: Conquest of Egypt
640   BATTLE: Battle of Babylon in Egypt.
641   BATTLE: Battle of Nihawand
  CONQUEST: Conquest of Alexandria in Egypt.
642 799 WAR: Khazar-Arab Wars weaken the Umayyad army and contribute to the eventual fall of the dynasty
870 CONQUEST: Islamic conquest of Afghanistan
643   CONQUEST: Conquest of Azarbaijan
  CONQUEST: Conquest of Tabaristan (Mazandaran).
644   CONQUEST: Conquest of Fars
  CONQUEST: Conquest of Kerman
  CONQUEST: Conquest of Sistan
  CONQUEST: Conquest of Mekran
  CONQUEST: Conquest of Kharan
  ASSASSINATION: Assassination of Umar
    Uthman ibn Affan becomes the caliph
  CAMPAIGNS: Campaigns in Khurasan
  CAMPAIGNS: Campaigns in Armenia
  CAMPAIGNS: Campaigns in Asia Minor
647   CAMPAIGNS: Campaigns in North Africa.
  CONQUEST: Campaigns of the island of Cyprus.
648   CAMPAIGNS: Campaigns against the Byzantines.
650   CONFLICTS: First conflicts between Arabs and Turks. .
  BATTLE: Khazars defeated an Arab force led by Abd ar-Rahman ibn Rabiah outside the Khazar town of Balanjar
652     Disaffection against the rule of Uthman
655   BATTLE: Naval battle of the Masts against the Byzantines.
656 661 WAR: ISLAMIC CIVIL WAR: First Fitna (First Islamic Civil War)
    Uthman is killed.
    Ali ibn Abi Talib becomes the fourth caliph.
  BATTLE: Battle of the Camel.
657   CAPITAL CITY: Ali shifts the capital from Medina to Kufa.
  BATTLE: Battle of Siffin.
658   BATTLE: Battle of Nahrawan.
659   CONQUEST: Conquest of Egypt by Muawiyah I.
660   RECAPTURED: Ali recaptures Hijaz and Yemen from Muawiyah.
    Muawiyah I declares himself as the caliph at Damascus
661 750   Umayyad Caliphate
  ASSASSINATION: Ali ibn Abi Talib, fourth Caliph, is assassinated by Kharijites
662   REVOLT: Kharijites‘ revolts
666   RAIDS: Raids by Muawia bin Hudeij to Sicily
    Abdu’l-Rahman ibn Abu Bakr, dies
    Muhammad ibn Maslamah dies
    Ramlah bint Abi Sufyan dies
670 742 CONQUEST: Muslim conquest of North Africa
669   ASSASSINATION: Hasan ibn Ali, the second imam of the Shiites is poisoned and killed
    Husayn ibn Ali becomes Imam of Ali ibn Abi Talib‘s followers
670   ADVANCE: Advancement into North Africa.
      Uqba bin Nafe founds the town of Kairouan in Tunisia.
  CONQUEST: Conquest of Kabul.
672   CAPTURE: Capture of the island of Rhodes.
  CAMPAIGNS: Campaigns in Khurasan.
674     The Muslims cross the Oxus.
    Bukhara becomes a vassal state.
676     Muhammad al-Baqir, the fifth imam of the Shiites is born.
677   OCCUPATION: Occupation of Samarkand.
  OCCUPATION: Occupation of Tirmiz.
  SIEGE: Siege of Constantinople.
680 692 WAR: Second Fitna (Second Islamic Civil War)
    Death of Muawiyah.
    Yazid I becomes caliph.
  BATTLE: Battle of Karbala
    Husayn bin Ali is killed along with his companions.
    Ali ibn Husayn becomes Imam of Ali ibn Abi Talib‘s followers.
682     North Africa Uqba bin Nafe marches to the Atlantic, is ambushed and killed at Biskra.
  RETREAT: The Muslims evacuate Kairouan and withdraw to Burqa.
683     Death of Yazid. Muawiya II becomes caliph.
684     Abd Allah ibn Zubayr declares himself as the caliph at Mecca.
    Marwan I becomes the caliph at Damascus.
  BATTLE: Battle of Marj Rahat.
685     Death of Marwan I. .
    Abd al-Malik becomes the caliph at Damascus
  BATTLE: Battle of Ain ul Wada
686     Al-Mukhtar declares himself as the caliph at Kufa.
687   BATTLE: Battle of Kufa between the forces of Mukhtar and Abd Allah ibn Zubayr. Mukhtar killed.
691   BATTLE: Battle of Dayr al-Jaliq.
  VICTORY: Kufa falls to Abdul Malik.
692   VICTORY: The fall of Mecca.
    Death of ibn Zubayr.
    Abdul Malik becomes the sole caliph.
695   REVOLT: Kharijites‘ revolts in Jazira and Ahwaz.
  BATTLE: Battle of the Karun.
  CAMPAIGNS: Campaigns against Kahina in North Africa.
  RETREAT: The Muslims once again withdraw to Barqa.
  ADVANCE: The Muslims advance in Transoxiana and occupy Kish.
700   CAMPAIGNS: Campaigns against the Berbers in North Africa.
      By the end of this century, global Muslim population had grown to 1 per cent of the total.


Timeline of Islamic history: 6th | 7th | 8th | 9th | 10th | 11th | 12th | 13th | 14th | 15th | 16th | 17th | 18th | 19th | 20th | 21st century

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