ME: Rise of Islam 16th CE

Timeline of Middle Eastern history.

Timeline of Islamic history: 6th | 7th | 8th | 9th | 10th | 11th | 12th | 13th | 14th | 15th | 16th | 17th | 18th | 19th | 20th | 21st century
2nd millennium CE
16th century (1501–1600) (906 AH – 1009 AH)
1501   DYNASTIES: Persia: Ismail I establishes the Safavid dynasty
  STATE RELIGION: The Twelve-Imam Shi’ism becomes the state religion.
1502     Golden Horde: The Golden Horde collapses into a number of smaller khanates.
1507     Persia: The Kingdom of Portugal under Alfonso d’Albuquerque establishes trading outposts in the Persian Gulf..
1508     Ak Koyunlu: Ak Koyunlu is absorbed by the Safavids.
1511   CONQUEST: Malaysia: D’Albuquerque conquers Malacca.
1514   BATTLE: Ottoman Empire: Sultan Selim I at the Battle of Chaldiran.
1516   BATTLE: Ottoman Empire: Selim I defeats the Mamluks
Ottoman Empire: Battle of Merc-i Dabik and kills Sultan Kansu Gavri
  CONQUEST: Ottoman Empire: Syria is conquered.
1517 1924   Ottoman Caliphate
  DEFEAT: Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman army crosses the Sinai desert, defeats the new Mamluk Sultan Tomanbai at the 
  BATTLE: Ottoman Empire: Battle of Ridaniye Mamluk Sultan Tomanbai defeated
BATTLE: Ottoman Empire: Battle of Cairo Mamluk Sultan Tomanbai defeated
CONQUEST: Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman army conquers Egypt.
Ottoman Empire: The Sharif of Mecca presented keys to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina to Selim I and is declared their hereditary ruler.
  DEPOSITION:  Ottoman Empire: Al-Mutawakkil, the last Abbasid caliph, formally surrenders the title of caliph to Selim I.
1527   South East Asia (Indonesia): Fall of Majapahit empire, the last Hindu stronghold in South-East Asia.
  REPUBLIC: South East Asia (Indonesia): Demak established as first Islamic sultanate of Java.
1520     Ottoman Empire: Selim I dies and the reign of Suleiman I, the Magnificent begins.
1521   CONQUEST: Ottoman Empire: Suleiman I conquers Belgrade.
1522   VICTORY: Ottoman Empire: Suleiman I defeats the Knights Hospitaller and drives them from the island of Rhodes.
1526   DEFEAT: Ottoman Empire: Suleiman I defeats the Hungarian army at the Battle of Mohács
BATTLE: Ottoman Empire: Battle of Mohács
Ottoman Empire: Louis II of Hungary dies at the battle of Mohács.
  REPUBLIC: Ottoman Empire: Buda and Pest are taken by the Ottomans and Hungary is declared a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire
  VICTORY: Mughal Empire: Babur is victorious at the Battle of Panipat in India, and Delhi becomes his capital.
BATTLE: Mughal Empire: Battle of Panipat
  CAPITAL CITY: Mughal Empire:  India, and Delhi becomes Babur capital.
1529   SIEGE: Ottoman Empire: Unsuccessful Ottoman siege of Vienna.
1533     Algeria: Barbarossa Khayreddin is appointed the Admiral of the Ottoman fleet and governor of Algeria.
1534   CONQUEST: Ottoman Empire: Suleiman I conducts a military campaign against Safavid Shah Tahsmab and conquers Van, Baghdad, and Tabriz.
Ottoman Empire: Suleiman I conquers Van
Ottoman Empire: Suleiman I conquers Baghdad
Ottoman Empire: Suleiman I conquers Tabriz.
1538   VICTORY: Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman navy under the command of Barbarossa Khayreddin wins a naval victory against a combined Christian fleet at the Battle of Preveza.
BATTLE: Ottoman Empire: Battle of Preveza
1550   ACADEMIA:  Ottoman Empire: The architect Mimar Sinan builds the Suleiman Mosque in Istanbul.
  CONVERTS: Ottoman Empire: The rise of the Muslim kingdom of Aceh in Sumatra.
  CONVERTS: Indonesia: Islam spreads to Java, the Maluku Islands, and Borneo.
1552   CONQUEST: Khanate of Kazan: The Khanate is conquered by the Tsardom of Russia.
1556   DYNASTIES: Mughals: Mughal dynasty reigns. Akbar founds the Mughal Dynasty in Northern India.
1565   DEFEAT: Ottoman Empire: The Ottomans are defeated by the Knights Hospitaller during the Siege of Malta.
SIEGE: Ottoman Empire: Siege of Malta.
1566 1827   Stagnation of the Ottoman Empire
    Ottoman Empire: The Ottomans gain control of the Aegean islands.
    Ottoman Empire: Suleiman I dies and is succeeded by Selim II.
1568   REVOLT: Spain: Moriscos revolt during the Alpujarra uprising.
1571    DEFEAT: Ottoman Empire: The Ottomans are defeated at the naval Battle of Lepanto, and their
  CESSATION: Ottoman Empire: Ottomans naval dominance in the Mediterranean is brought to a close.
1578   BATTLE: Morocco: The Battle of Alcazarquivir at Alcazarquivir in Morocco.
    Morocco: King Sebastian of Portugal is killed.
1588   DYNASTIES: Safavid Dynasty: The reign of Abbas I of Safavid begins.
1591   Religious: Mustaali Ismailis split into Sulaymanis and Daudis.


Timeline of Islamic history: 6th | 7th | 8th | 9th | 10th | 11th | 12th | 13th | 14th | 15th | 16th | 17th | 18th | 19th | 20th | 21st century

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