Province of Syria

H1 on the Map.

Heb. Aram, Gr. Suria. Aram was a son of Shem, and a grandson of Noah. Roman province which included, or was joint province with, Cilicia (Pedias). Its governor had authority over Galilee and Judea as superior to the client kings, Tetrarchs, and/or procurators. The Persian Satrapy ruled “beyond the Jordan” in Syria. In 332 B.C. it was conquered by Alexander the Great and it became a Roman province in 64 B.C. When the N.T. mentions Syria it is referring to the province of Syria. Paul visited here frequently and was converted on the way to Damascus, in the province of Syria (Acts 9). Syria later bacame a major center for the establishment of the Christian church.

Luke 2:2; Matt. 4:24; Mark 7:26; Acts 15:23, 41; Gal. 1:21.

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